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Please enjoy this video of my grandmas reaction to England winning cricket world cup🀩 #CWC19Final

Happy birthday to Derek Griffiths
Here we are in 1969 win Ken Connor in On Th House
50 bloody years ago !
Recently we went diving here in Gozo and he put the local gay community into shock by going into a small bar in full wet suit...
And a great clarinet player
Not connected!

This police officer stopping traffic to allow a cat to cross the road is exactly what we all need to see today. 🧑

@KentArgentina I must confess that I'm a sucker for Brit films: Hammer, Bond, Ealing, Carry on, Confessions of a Window Cleaner, Powell and Pressburger, Loach, Free Cinema, Diana Dors, Harry Potter, Aardman, Monty Phyton, Tod Slaughter, On the Buses, Quatermass, The 39 Steps...

2019 #panto poster for @NewTheatreHull with @simonwebbe1 @JakeCanuso @Robin_Askwith @neilhurst and #CharlotteBarnes #Pantomime #PantomimeNews

I'm sorry ...but how cool is this?
I urge you to see this show...I went to one of the first nights @HalfmoonPutney a year ago @nickmasondrums and these guys @garyjkemp @dombeken and @guypratt just get better and better
Life affirming.....

Gary Kemp on Twitter

“Backstage at Malta #SaucerfulOfSecrets show with @guypratt, @dombeken and my old friend @Robin_Askwith. Robin and I did a movie together back i...

@Robin_Askwith @randomhouse @EburyPublishing @gordonwise Seriously we need a new book. The last one was published at the height of the Loaded era which was fine for then but you are seriously overdue a career reappraisal. A new book would be the perfect launchpad for it.

Tracy:When we are grown up,can I be your girlfriend?
Robin:Don't be daft,I'll be a sex god and drive you potty!
Tracy: Let's go and do some of that sex god stuff
Robin:Don't be daft ,I need to finish my scale model Lego !

It's actually a longer story
The manager gets involved!
Tries to calm him down and is eventually given a pound note with a little cross in the right hand corner!

Lynne on Twitter

“@Robin_Askwith I really hope this is true! Brilliant!!”

Tommy Cooper’s trending so here are 15 of the great man’s best jokes

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