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Apparently,eventbrite had announced this gig sold out!!
It's have just gone up for sale
The only time I sold out so quickly before was in Edinburgh when I was accidentally billed as Robin Williams!!

Glad everyone is enjoying Bless This House on @TalkingPicsTV
The first day...the first shot
I was shitting myself...
#curating @SamiraAhmedUK

I can confirm a funny and enlightening evening in prospect. Antonioni, Tarantino, Sid James, Frank Bruno... you name it, heโ€™s got a story.

Portable Promotions on Twitter

“Coming to #Brighton next month. The one, the only @Robin_Askwith. Tickets here:”

@Morris__Bright @Robin_Askwith @TalkingPicsTV There was a pretty good line-up when I saw it back in 1987.

@Robin_Askwith @TalkingPicsTV Loved that show. Saw it more than once. When you starred Robin and others including Bernard Cribbins, Eric Sykes, Terry Scott. Here's my programme.

I know I've put this up before-but to celebrate @TalkingPicsTV showing Bless This House tonight and for the many new followers here is a genuine outtake ....Peter Rogers would not let me take this!...but I stole it knowing one day Twitter would be invented!

So,people often ask my happiest times
Two spring to mind
1984/5-15 months doing Run For Your Wife at The Criterion Theatre
@TalkingPicsTV showing tomorrow night at 19 10
Bless This House
To be informed by Sid James that I had half a chance of earning a shilling at this lark

@Robin_Askwith Looking forward to seeing you in BLESS THIS HOUSE (1972) tomorrow (Sun-17-Feb) at 7:10pm!

Just passed through Doncaster. #FlyingScotsman

A working class bloke joins a band โ€” and makes music with the ladies. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Robin Askwith stars in the classic British sex comedy CONFESSIONS OF A POP PERFORMER (1975) โ€” 5:30a ET on @SonyMovieCh

More stuff that I just cannot throw out!!
John Frankau cast me as a wayward schoolboy with @mcashmanCBE in The Full Cheddar,country bumpkin in The Main Chance and then the conservative Fred Pickering in Beryl's lot
He took risks and spoke his mind
And took the time to write!

@adammorris101 @MistyMoonEvents @CroftonBooks @Robin_Askwith @phoenixartsclub @sequinedmoon @Chrissuperfan1 @dbarrywriter @thedarksidemag @thedebralamb El Presidente outraging public decency at MCM ComicCon by quoting from his book about his antics with fellow guests Judy Matheson & Linda Hayden.
Thanks to Al Samujh for the photos

In the car last night - "Wow... I must have heard 'I Am The Walrus' thousands of times, but I'm still finding new bits. Never noticed that posh woman's voice before, it's really buried in the mix". Then I realised it was my GPS, telling me to take the A19 south from Billingham.

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